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Airline Essay Examples

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Competitive advantage in the airline industry

The airline industry has grown tremendously over the last few years. In the past, there were very few airlines operating across the world. However, today there is a great development in the industry. The growth of the airline market has led to a lot of competition amongst the stakeholders. The development of an effective strategy…

Southwest Airlines’ crazy recipe for business and personal success

Southwest Airline Company Introduction             Southwest Airlines is an organization in the Airline industry and it has remained to be a competitive leader in this industry since its inception. It is the America’s largest low-fare carrier and domestically it serves huge number of customers than any other Airline. This organization operates more than three thousand…

The US Airline Industry

1. Assess the overall financial performance of the US airline industry during the past 20 years. The financial performance of the US airline industry has been somewhat of a roller-coaster, the industry has seen its structure change more than once. It being regulated and deregulated over the years. Many investors would agree that putting one´s…



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Introduction AirAsia originally was founded by government and on 2 December 2001 was bought byTonyFernandes. AirAsia was established in year 1993. AirAsia has travel around the earthandascend to become the world’s best in year 2001. AirAsia continues to spread out the way for low-cost aviation through the innovation, efficient and passionate approach to businesswith a…

Trends and developments in the airline industry

Introduction The airline industry is a large and growing industry which is, because of the great everchanging environment it operates in, forced to constantly adapt and enhance business models in order to survive, compete and to generate profits. In this context this report will investigate the developments and trends and their importance in the airline…

Qantas strategies Analysis

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The report has discussesd and appliesd theoretical concepts and principles of strategic management into analyzing the environment context where to Qantas Airways Limited operates. It shows that, Qantas has a long history and sustainable development but needs to evolve in the global world. ization context, the company has to continue to participate in…


Southwest Airlines begins a “ Bags Fly Free” campaign, charging no fees for a first and second checked bag. Does this situation best represent producer– producer rivalry, consumer– consumer rivalry, or consumer– producer rivalry? Explain. Southwest Airlines “Bags Fly Free” best represent producer-producer rivalry. Consumers have so many different choices of airlines they can choose…

Swot analysis of lufthansa airlines

HISTORY Lufthansa, Its is the second largest airline industry in Europe and its been established in 1926. The name lufthansa came from the two dutch companies which has been merged together and formed a name in 1933. As in 1930’s war has become a huge disadvantage for the company because of the cancelling of the…

Operation and Strategy management for Ryanair

Introduction The company chosen in this report is Ryanair in the airline industry. Ryanair is a low cost budget airline travelling across 1600 routes from 57 bases connecting 180 destinations in 29 different countries (Ryanair.com). Ryanair first started its operations in 1985 between Ireland and London. The first year it commuted around 5000 customers but…

SWOT Analysis Garuda Indonesia Airlines

The SWOT analysis is an assessment of the organization’s internal resources and abilities and the external environment’s opportunities and threats. In order to identify a strategic niche that the organization might exploit, it is needed to analyze the SWOT of Garuda Indonesia. 1. STRENGTH Internally, Garuda Indonesia has some strength, such as: Good services, it…

Porter Five Forces Airlines

Threats of Substitutes (Low) Product that able to represent other product function can be defined as substitute product (Wheelen and Hunger, 2002). Currently, there are no perfect substitutes for airline service, as airline service has the best range of destination, time-efficient and convenience. However, the fact that trains and air-transports are substitute is true, but…

The Embraer Analysis

1. Perform a brief SWOT analysis of Embraer. A SWOT analysis is a structured planning method used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats involved in a project or in a business venture. The Embraer was created in1969 by military government have several strengths, one of them is their strategic place. It was located…

Five Force Analysis of Southwest Airline

1. The threat of new entrants. In terms of economies of scale, Southwest fleet grew to 537 Boeing 737 aircraft providing service to 64 cities in 32 states throughout the United States, with 397 city pairs being served nonstop, by the end of 2008, thus has reached sufficient economies of scale. And Southwest Airline gains…

Industry Analysis: Airline Companies

The airlines industry contains diverse types of players that compete in distinctive niches each with different business models. Airline companies owned by the State characterized the airlines industry into the 1980s. Because of privatization, this model no longer exists in Europe or in the U.S., but it is still present in Asia and Africa. Standard…

Informative Speech on 9/11 Planes

How many of you can still remember exactly where you was on 9/11? I remember I was in my 2nd grade classroom and hearing over the intercom that our teachers needed to turn on the T.V. As we began watching the horrific events that was taking place and yet to take place, we was all…

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